About Us

Last Wynter is a game design and development company based in Gloucester, UK.

Founded in 2018 by Mark Randall and Sam Richards around the development of our first board game, we have also been engaging in game design, branding and software development work on a contract basis.

At Last Wynter we work with a focus on creating friendly, interactive and physical game experiences with diverse characters and rich narratives. We believe that when developed consistently across all aspects of a work’s design this focus can really help to elevate it, bringing new dimensions of soul and purpose to the project and the lives of those who experience them.


Staple, Gun

“The year is 2059. The world is ruled by a super powered crime lord “Badass Harry”. He uses his tyrannical corporate grip to get everything he wants, but even he has to start somewhere.

“Back in 2019, word has gotten around that an inept office worker, known simply to his colleagues as “Hapless Harry”, is the cause of all the future’s problems…”

Staple, Gun™ is a 4-6 player free-for-all card game. The game has three factions; Office, who work together to survive, Assassins, who gain advantages by any means, and Chaos, who just happen to be there. Players build their team from all three factions over the course of the game to either survive or fight.

The game has two phases; the Main Phase has player’s drawing and playing cards on their turn in an attempt to find and take out Hapless Harry. If Harry survives then the Brawl Phase has all players fighting it out to claim ultimate victory in the Brawl.

Try your best to kill Hapless Harry, before he becomes… Badass.



UKGE, NEC Birmingham, Friday 29th May.
[Playtest UK, Hall 1, Stands 1-184. Near the Shop and Drop]

Staple, Gun will be available for public playtesting at UKGE (United Kingdom Games Expo) at the NEC Birmingham.

We look forward to showing our game to you all, and look forward to seeing you there.